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SkinCeuticals Order during a COVID-19 pandemic crisis

We understand that the majority of clinics across Canada are now  closing during this time period due to COVID-19, and we are one of them.  For you as royal clients, we have a solution to help you continue to ensure that your skincare needs are being addressed. 

Introducing the SkinC Affiliate Program:

  1. You can go to, select the products you wish to purchase, and at the end of your purchase, you will be asked for a unique SkinC coupon code. 
  2. Type our COUPON CODE:  JULSEL at checkout.  As a benefit, you will receive free shipping as well as 2 free samples with your purchase of SkinC products.

Should you have any questions or exchanges that need to be done, you will be able to call the SkinCeuticals Customer Service Line for assistance. 1-866-552-7624.





Self Microneedling Offer


Self-Microneedling Offer during a COVID-19 Pandemic period

We love to share with you for these abnormal days when we are all staying at home but still need to maintain our skin, and our sanity.  Ever conscious of your and everyone's concerns, our CIT Microneedling company, DermaSpark has come up with a plan to address our clients' care for their skin and enhance their youthful and healthy appearance.  

1.  Visit a special webpage on (see link below)

2.  Type our code:  JulS19

3.  Enjoy a free shipping and reducing price by upto 40% with the code for your kit

We hope you enjoy these special packages.  Let us know if you have any questions through our email,

Stay strong, stay safe, and stay healthy.





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